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Knowing What Is Fashion Merchandising All About

what is fashion merchandising

It could be that the person is interested to enter the fashion industry and would like to know what is fashion merchandising all about. Without proper information and education, it is not possible for anyone to achieve success.

What is fashion merchandising?

People who are associated with fashion merchandising and marketing are known to be responsible for selecting the apparel items that are to be displayed on the retail store racks. They are to determine the products which are to be considered hot in the current season and how such items are to be marketed in today’s highly competitive market. There have emerged numerous institutions that have been providing diploma and certification courses to those who are interested to have a career in the field of fashion merchandising and designing.

The experts are said to examine the prevailing fashion trends, coordinate sales, assist retailers in stocking the latest fashion lines and promote goods. Although the person is not likely to design clothes, he/she is responsible for helping the designers to ensure that their range of products sells quickly. Generally, successful professionals boast of having textile knowledge as well as the necessary skills, including the capability to gauge the changing desires and behaviors of modern consumers.

What is required to become a fashion merchandiser?

The required education for becoming a visual merchandiser is an associate degree. There is no need for a college education.  The essential skills needed by them to achieve success in this domain are talent, immense knowledge, strong visual sense, organizational ability, creativity, and teamwork. The successful candidates can earn an average of about $40k annually.

Sample jobs

Fashion merchandising and marketing domain is said to cover a wide range of positions. On completing the course, the person as a professional can work as a retail store owner, fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, customer service representative, operations manager, retail manager, advertiser, manufacturer’s representative, marketer, etc. The duties and responsibilities of the professional would vary by the type of job selected.

Visual Merchandiser

For planning appealing displays at the retail store, the professional needs to rely upon his design and advertising knowledge. It is only by making a presentable view of the items that customers can be lured to the store in huge numbers and to enhance their shopping experience.

Fashion buyer

The fashion buyer’s career can be termed to be an exciting one since he/she could probably be globe-trotting for identifying new trends to help the retailer determine the right lines to be purchased. Also, he/she may be responsible for obtaining several types of items, which includes shoes & accessories or merely handle a specific area like formal wear. The professional is expected to work along with marketers, suppliers, and designers for ensuring that the purchased lines offer maximum profits.

Education required

Bachelor’s and associate degree are present in fashion marketing and merchandising. Entry level work can be found in the domain of fashion marketing and selling on holding a valid qualification. Majority of the degree programs are known to focus upon practical sessions, offering students the opportunity to obtain internships and get their desired jobs.

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