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Promise Rings For Women: What Is To Be Known About It?

Promise rings for women

Generally, the promise ring is given to a woman by the man as a token of love and a sign that he would marry her in the future. It was during the 16th century that promise bands were known to have started in Europe.  The groups were used mainly as a sign of friendship or love.

Besides using it as a sign of relationship among two people, clergymen and bishops were also noticed to wear the bands for pledging with the church their spiritual union.

Significance to modern men and women

The bands are presently used as a sign of promise that is made among two people. For instance, it is used as a commitment symbol in the couple. Rings can be found to be exchanged following abstinence, pre-engagement or for other reasons.

Appropriate finger placement

It is necessary for the person to go through the full range of promise rings for women available at the leading jewelry stores and online sites to ensure the right one is purchased which is sure to make the recipient be impressed and jump with excitement. At the same time, the ring was given to the person determines the finger on which it is to be worn. For instance, if the ring has been provided as a sign of love and to get engaged with the partner shortly, then it is to be worn on the left ring finger.  Upon receiving the engagement ring, the promise ring is to be removed and worn on the right hand.

In case, the rings have been exchanged as a symbol with the partner that monogamous relationship would be maintained, then the band is to be worn on the right hand. It is a way to have future confusions avoided when being gifted with other rings.

Although the right hand can be used for wearing the band, the ring finger on the left can also be used. However, it has to be removed when receiving another group.

The ring finger on the left is entirely suited to wear the abstinence ring if one is received. The band is to stay on the finger until it gets replaced by the engagement band. In case, the platonic fried has been made a promise; then the group could be possibly worn on any of the fingers, which includes the thumbs. The ring is to be avoided being placed on the ring finger for avoiding confusion with romance.

Other things to remember

Doing some research can help the person to get to know a lot about promise rings for women and how they are to be worn the right way. Moreover, it is essential to select the right promise rings that can evoke a special feeling in the recipient and make her love it. Also, the recipient should take out ample time to know the correct placement of the bands on the fingers. The period that this band is to remain on the hand is not specified. Instead, it depends upon the agreement between the couple.

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