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Guide To Buying Top Quality Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

pink diamond engagement rings

These days, pink diamond engagement rings have been growing in immense popularity across the globe. Such type of engagement rings is known to add that twist to a traditional wedding ring. Colored gemstones have been adding new flair that is fast becoming a trend. Traditional diamonds have been stated to be colorless. Preferably, it is the shape and cut which creates colors effects, which are based upon how light is captured. The brilliance, value, and color could be manipulated by cut and shape type that is provided by a diamond cutter.

Unique diamond created under special conditions

Gemstones tend to take colors during their formation period under perfect conditions. Colored diamonds are found rarely. It is due to this scarcity that they are valued very highly. The pink diamond does provide subtle color flair which assists to have the engagement ring to be accentuated to create that desirable effect. It is due to their clarity and subtle color that colored diamonds are preferred.

Selecting pink diamond engagement rings

While searching for a perfect gemstone to be used for the engagement ring set, to find value, color is not stated to be the only consideration. To start with, it is necessary to search for pink diamond having consistent color throughout. Besides color, it is essential to look closely at its clarity, cut and carat. The value of the diamond would depend directly upon 4C’s. Gemstone size reflects on its carat. The more significant gemstone is said not to equal a much more valuable diamond, like cut, color and clarity is to be also considered. Heavily colored small pink diamonds are quite rare while being of higher value.

It’s cut

The brilliance of the diamond is determined by its cut. Various cuts are available, which defines brilliance and shape. However, the popular choices are known to be princess-cut pink diamond, round cuts, and marquis cuts. Such reductions can be quite good towards revealing the real brilliance of the diamond, as well as highlight the gemstone color. If there are other cuts present, then they might just have the gemstone’s brilliance diminished. Clarity of the diamond refers to the inclusion of cloudiness, cracks or flaws. Imperfections of any type, flecks and inclusions may impact directly upon the diamond’s value. The perfect diamond is likely to include fewer of such diminishments, irrespective of the fact that they could be noticed with the naked eye or with an instrument.

Purchasing a pink diamond ring for the engagement

Such diamond rings when carefully selected can help the couple to have those special moments to be cherished for a long time to come. It is essential to choose the correct diamond ring for the special someone since it would accompany throughout the life.

In case, the individual is having trouble in making the selection, he/she can always consult the expert gemologists to get information and recommendations on the same. Moreover, it would be wise to buy only certified diamond rings from the reputed brands only.

There are several online sites that have been providing diamond jewelry and offering a certificate of authenticity along with the purchase, to ensure giving peace of mind of the buyer.

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