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Getting The Best Flat Knee High Boots To Meet Specifications

flat knee high boots

The best time to wear a pair of boots is the winter season. However, it is fast becoming a fashionable accessory and a massive hit among the modern woman, who is eager to make heads turn as she attends parties, occasions, and events. Boots are regarded to be versatile footwear that does boast of providing a host of features. Moreover, they are termed to be quite practical for cold weather. Not only they can help the legs to feel cozy and warm, but also appear exceptionally stylish.

Flat knee high boots, if paired with a skirt can provide that sophisticated and romantic feel the wearer. During winter, such type of boots can go well with heavy skirts and keep the wearer warm. Specific boots are present for every leg size and shape. It is recommended by fashion specialists that the right pair is to be selected by the person suited to the specific needs of her leg and just not what others have suggested.

Some thumb rules to follow for making the right selection

  • For thinner legs: Many women are having skinny legs and could be eager to have slouch boots having a slender heel. According to the experts, such women should make use of boots which can help add some bulk to the feet. Those having skinny ankles can try out boots having mass or structure to it such as the western styles, including the slouch boots. Slender heels can also be tried out since chunky heels are sure to make the legs to appear much thinner.
  • For bigger legs: Women having larger than average legs can find stretch boots to perfectly fit their legs. Also, women having trouble in locating a kick to get that perfect fit may select stretch boots or a boot which zips up stays snug and is not extremely tight for making the wearer uncomfortable. One can also avail those chunkier heels since they can help the legs to appear much slimmer. A better way to use stretch boots is to have the shaft scrunch down, insert the foot and to pull the shaft upwards over the calf.

How to wear them?

Flat knee high boots or those with a regular heel could be worn just about anywhere, right from the dinner table to the workplace. Such heels are known to work correctly when combined with long, casual or short skirts. For those planning to have jeans tucked right into the boots, should look for tight fittings for the legs, since ‘ballooning’ look is provided by loose jeans.

An obvious choice

Although boots are used practically during the winter season, knee-high boots are found to be accessible and fashionable accessory that is preferred to be worn all through the year. Also, they can be easily matched with a variety of outfits and can prove to be a cost-effective addition to the existing wardrobe collection.

Using the right pair of boots, the person can attend social gatherings and go to the office without requiring to have the footwear changed, since they work perfectly for all occasions and with all apparels, be it long or short skirts, jeans to pants.

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