Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Ice, Ice, Baby!

“But, honey! They all look good on your finger, doesn’t matter which one you decide to get!”

Sounds familiar? That’s just another way of saying, “they all look the same to me, that’s precisely why I left this detail for you to decide.” This is what you’re going through if you have rejected his choice of the engagement ring and now the honor of choosing one for yourself lies in your hands. You can’t just go with what looks good, because, let’s face it: what sparkling droplet of immortal ice doesn’t look good on mama’s finger? What he doesn’t know is what perpetual dilemma his lady is in when she’s exposed to an array of beautiful setting choices – you’ll either be able to make quite a statement if you know what you’re doing, or you’ll end up making a decision that is oh-so-wrong! We’re here to ensure you manage the former, helping you decide on just the right diamond engagement ring setting for yourself.

Rings Have Personalities Too!

First of all, you need to decide on the outlook you intend to portray. Is it glamorous, traditional, or vintage? That is the most important decision you will make in the process of choosing a diamond engagement ring setting, actually rendering the rest of the steps a breeze.


Going with a solitaire is as classic a choice as the ritual of proposing with a diamond ring. Since it’s classic, it automatically lends an age-old elegance to the idea. A solitaire ring design takes a minimalistic approach towards the setting and is usually accompanied by a single prong setting and simple metal band.


Another unique prong setting, this style is for the glam-gal in you. Looking for the diamond itself is the angel, surrounded by smaller diamond angels to form a halo, it’s the ultimate choice for the modern woman.


As the name clearly says, this setting looks like two bands of diamonds have been joined, or might we say “paved,” to make one. In this magnificent piece of jewelry, barely any metal band is visible, making it the go-to choice for the women who like to go BIG!


Channel setting is as ugly as it is elegant – one big rock in the middle and little diamonds to surround it halfway around the band, just like the bride and her bridesmaids. Channel is an example of a shared prong setting. If you’re the kind who wants to make a statement without going too bold, this one was invented just for you!

Colored Gemstone

Not everyone likes to go for classic looks when it comes to jewelry. A little splash of color never hurt anyone. Who is to say that rock can’t be surrounded by some rubies (or whichever gemstone is your favorite)? Tell Regal, with your engagement ring by just adding your unique touch to it. This ring can be any setting your heart desires – single or shared prong, channel, or pave!

Three-stone Rings

The name speaks for itself – one rock isn’t enough to express themselves for some people. Usually, couples use this style to represent the amount of time they’ve been together or something else that’s special and close to their hearts. If that idea appeals to you lovebirds, then go for this super special ring purchase!

The task is not as daunting as it seems; it’s only a matter of choosing a style, and then everything else fits in place. But one can become overwhelmed when presented with so many diamond engagement ring setting choices; they’re a woman’s favorite form of ice after all!






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